A Hoard of Cephalopods, after Iguanamouth’s most excellent series. This took me way too long to do so I HOPE YOU ALL ARE HAPPY


waking up: haha fuck

Everyone hi hello I am back from a cruise

It was super but I am so exhausted rightnow

But I also went parasailing which was a lot of fun


the spell can only be broken by true love’s high-five


A rough visualization of what it’s like to get into Haikyuu.


A Softer World: 1160

(Live every day like the ice cream store is closing.)

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Also from the side of the tenryuubito and the world as “god” then that also is well planned cuz Luffy has declared war on the world and punched a tenryuubito in the face and considers them all enemies.

Also the opposite of God is the devil and everyone always comments that Luffy is the son of the devil and has the Devils luck.


People get so mad at Sakura for “wasting manga space” but honestly, seeing her is sooo much more interesting than this Sasuke vs. Naruto fight right now. 

Is it just a coincidence or really well planned that in 764 corazon was talking about how the people with the D initial are sometimes called Gods natural enemy and back in skypeia when enel called himself God Luffy was his natural enemy


all these kids on my dash bloggin about the PSATs