Sorry, can’t talk, got medical devices screaming at me.

When my pump fails in the middle of a conversation. (via homicidalphone)


FJAKFSDJFLSDA CAN JOHNKAT DAY ACTUALLY BE TOMORROW SO THAT I CAN AT LEAST do something semi decent at a time when i’m not drop dead tired???

In order to save the world, and all the living people within it, Lucy Heartfilia must fall…

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And God said unto Abraham, “Abraham.”

And Abraham replied, “What.”

God said to John, “Come forth and receive eternal life.” But John came fifth and won a toaster.

And Judas approached the rabbis and Pharisees saying, “The one whom I kiss is the one you seek.”

To which they responded, “Gay.” 

And thus, god made Eve. And she was bammin’ slammin’ bootylicious.

see you all in hell


I’m running out
Of sounds to let you down
I can’t call it all
Or gain higher ground
Luck of the draw
Is all that’s allowed
Is it easier?


i actually like asshole couples best like the couples that pick on each other so much and call each other names but it’s okay because you know they’re actually totally in love and none of it is meant in a mean way and every insult is punctuated by a sweet comment to remind the other how much they actually adore them and i’m sorry but there isn’t anything cuter ok

The real question is do I pay attention to the tornado warning and stay inside or do I walk to the dining hall



being older than 15 in the homestuck fandom


Being 18 and older in the Homestuck fandom:

I wish you could copy and paste stuff in real life. 

like you could pluck one eyebrow, copy it, reverse it then paste it and you wouldnt have to waste time plucking the other one. 

I think i really just love AU’s a lot. 


For almost 18 years you’re taught to sit down, shut up, and raise your hand. Then you have to decide what you’re going to do for the rest of your life.

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how to make your otp more awesome: pacific rim crossover

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the most unrealistic thing about young adult novels is that none of the teenagers swear


in which the actor who plays one of television’s least likeable characters is actually super considerate and cool

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